Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Madness

So, it's been a crazy couple of days!  Yesterday I was home with the boys all day.  I was in my room and I thought I had them separated because they had been fighting all day.  Then I hear a horrible bang sound and my 4 yr old started screaming!  Seems they were both in the living room and my 10 yr old "accidentally" shot his brother in the back (from only a couple of feet away) with his new paintball gun!  My world went from serene to chaos instantly!  I first thought it was a trip to the ER, that close range can really do damage on a skinny 4 yr old!  He's fine, just a major war wound to show for it and my oldest basically grounded himself, bringing me the extension cord from his room that plugged in all his electronics! 

Then, the weather service was predicting bad weather, only it wasn't supposed to hit us at all.. I woke up this morning with about 4 inches of snow and more pounding down by the second!  Of course, they didn't cancel the schools!  I drove the kids to school, couldn't even see our road!  When I got the youngest to preschool, they said that the afternoon classes (which is what he's in) were cancelled and he could stay in the daycare there all day.. Yay!  Love those charges!  It took me over an hr to get to work this morning, which is only about 20 miles away!  Then by the time I got here, there's nothing on the ground!  Nothing!  I have by now probably 6 inches at home, and 20 miles away, there's no snow at all!  Strange!  Oh, and this was the first time I think I've ever seen it thunder and lightning during a snowstorm..  Really bright pink lightning followed by very loud thunder!  Went on for quite a while..  I think we may be in for a rough winter!  At least there will be some great pics! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Receiving the torch

For the past two years, Thanksgiving has been at my house.  My mom says she's "passing the torch" on to me.. She still gets to cook major parts of the meal, so I try not to feel like I'm just taking it away from her.  She loves to cook, another trait I inherited from her! 
So, this year we had nine adults and five kids in my house!  We had both sides of the family, mine and my husband's, all together!  It actually went well, but my house is absolutely tiny and not at all made for that many people!  We had a great meal and some good fellowship, I couldn't believe it, but there were none of the usual "family fights" this year!  But our fridge died!  I mean, really?  It couldn't have picked a worse day!  I was busting my butt working on all that food, no way was I not keeping left overs.. We found someone close by on craigslist that had one for sale and put food on ice.  Picked it up the next day!  Now we have a fridge again and it's better than the one we had!
My house is still a mess, it's funny how it took two days to get it in order for everyone and only a few hours to destroy it completely!  But, I didn't get to go shopping on black Friday, something I really love to do, so I'm going with my mom in a few hours to shop and just escape!  The mess will be there later.  I have had a house full of kids since Thursday, so, I'm leaving them to their dad and having some mommy time!  Hopefully I can still find some good deals!  My four year old is currently driving me nuts, refuses to leave me alone even long enough to write this, so for now I guess this is all I have to say.  Nothing really exciting, but for once, there was no drama at our family function! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

First Time Blogger

I don't really know what I want to do with this blog.. so first I'm just going to introduce myself.  My name is Stephanie, I am a married, mother of two boys, and I have a niece that I try to have as much as possible, she's my little princess..  My "paid job" is ultrasound tech, but to me, my real job is just to be me, and try to raise my boys into the kind of men this world needs! 
I have always been a big reader.  I just love to read, a trait that I got from my mom, and I'm happy to say has been passed down to my boys and my niece!  My oldest is 10 yrs old and already reads on a 7th grade level.. I still read to them at bedtime, although for my oldest, they are fairly large chapter books; he seems to have the same taste in books I've always had.  He likes to make a competition of it, because he always reads ahead of me in the books we're reading, then I have to catch up so I'm not reading pages to him that he's already read..  This is one thing I would never change..
I can't promise what I'll write about or how often, but I'm a talker, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to say.  With the people in my life, there's always entertaining stories to share!