Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Eden by Matthew C. Plourde

Eden by Matthew C. Plourde

"... the last days are not unfolding exactly as written, but make no mistake - Heaven and Hell have fallen to Earth." 

When an earthquake plunges the world into darkness, Alexandra Contreras struggles for survival and seeks answers. Guided by a mysterious, scarred man, she braves the wasteland in search of humanity's mythical birthplace: Eden. Once confronted with her tragic destiny, she must make a decision which will alter the fate of the world.

My Review:

I was quite excited to read this book, the blurb sounded very interesting to me.  I wasn't disappointed.  It touched base on a lot of religious views that had me thinking, and I'm active in my church.  
When Alexandra (a self-reliant lawyer living in the States) goes home to a small town in Mexico to take care of her mother's estate, nothing goes as she expected.  Awakening after what appeared to be a bus crash, she's saved from the crash and from an attack by a strange, scarred man named Koneh and has to come to terms with the fact that she now exists in a post apocalyptic world.  Alexandra is determined to make it on her own, but soon realizes that even though she doesn't trust her new acquaintance, she needs him.  
They embark on an action-packed adventure that takes them, eventually, to the ends of the earth.  She knows that Koneh is hiding things from her, and wonders if he isn't a bit mad.  Throughout their journey, they meet with many people (and "things" Alexandra never truly believed existed), many they help out, many who are out to get them, and some that betray their trust.  When she learns of her true heritage, she denies it, even to herself.  Can Alexandra really be who they say she is?  If so, can she handle the tremendous stress and responsibility of it?  Along the way, she begins to see past Koneh's scars and secrecy and develops feelings for him - only to have him push her away at every turn.  Can she ever be happy again?  Only if she figures out what her true fate is, which decisions are the correct ones, and what is the dark secret Koneh's been trying so hard to keep?...
I gave this book 4.5 stars and hope to be reading more of this story in the future!


  1. Wow! Sounds interesting! 4.5 star out of 5?

    1. Yes, out of 5.. sorry, I never thought to add that. It was a good book, I enjoyed it and it definitely made me think, even though it didn't fit in completely with my faith..