Sunday, December 2, 2012

And The Winners Are....


I want to say thanks to all who have supported me during my first blogiversary!

Of course a special thank you to all the contributing authors..

Megan Curd
Justin Bog
Anthony J. Rapino
Amber Garza
Mary Ann Loesch
Mysti Parker
Carl Hose
Christopher Buecheler
Amanda Hocking
T.J. Dell

You are all wonderful authors, and from my recent experience, awesome people.  I am so happy to get to know each of you.  I really appreciate your support of my blog!
Thank you all so much!!

And now, for the winners!!!

Shae Carcar
Shadow Kohler
Wendi Neal-Vodden
Tiffany Tillman
Tiffany Terry Cortes
Amy Tellier

I will be contacting each of you shortly.
Thanks to each of you for supporting my blog!  Hopefully we can interact in the future.
I will be following each of you with websites of your own.
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