Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Post from Karyn Pearson and Contest

Welcome to the Spark blog tour, hosted by Page Turner Book Tours!  Today, enjoy a guest post by author, Karyn Pearson.. and don't forget to enter the contest!

Title: Spark
Series: The Hellfire Series
Author: Karyn Pearson
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Publisher: The Writing Network
Formats Available In: Digital
Release Date: June 23, 2013

Blurb: For centuries, the powers of Heaven and Hell have been at war, locked in a perpetual stalemate. Fifty years ago, the war spilled out on Earth and the last modern age of man ended. Humanity now finds itself at the brink of annihilation, barely surviving in small pockets of civilization scattered across the globe. But even in the direst of circumstances, the human spirit lives on. Now, in this post-apocalypse, humanity has but one choice: resist or die. In order to combat the forces of Hell, man has learned to fight, training from their youth to hunt the demons that threaten their very existence.
Twenty-five years ago, a demon hunter dared rise against an ancient demon family, the Saligia—the Seven Deadly Sins—and was cursed for her defiance. The curse appeared in the guise of an innocent: the huntress’s own daughter, Ardentia, who had been born with a demon soul attached to her own.
In the present day, Ardentia, now grown, seeks to free her mother from her curse by hunting down the demons responsible. But the road ahead will be difficult now that the demon within her has awakened. Trusting him is dangerous, especially when he can turn on her at a moment’s notice. Others have warned her that succumbing to the demon will be her own downfall. Now Ardentia must decide what she’s willing to lose: her mother’s freedom or herself.

About Karyn Pearson:

Karyn Pearson is a post-grad university student with a B.A. in Anthropology, currently living in California with her two dogs. Over the years, she has created many worlds, characters, and series, which naturally makes her head a very crowded place to be. When she’s not writing, she can be found curled up with a book, playing video games, doing research for her books on the web, or attempting to not burn the house down with another kitchen experiment, a hobby otherwise known as cooking.

Paranormal Romance vs. Urban Fantasy 

When it comes to the subject of paranormal romance versus urban fantasy, in regards to what I read, I’d have to say that after skimming through all the books sitting in my Kindle library, I seem to gravitate toward books with a mixture of both. Personally, I don’t really want to read a full-on paranormal romance. In fact, I prefer books whose main premise isn’t fixed solely upon romance. Those kinds of stories really don’t hold my attention for very long. I want to read a story that has all the things that make for a really good film—I want action, suspense, horror, and of course, romance. I want to read stories that have all the stuff that great books are made of.
The story will have a hero or heroine, probably just an ordinary person just about to discover exactly how extraordinary they are. They’ll be drawn into the paranormal world and be the person needed to save it. They struggle to find themselves and to figure out where they stand in this expanded world. Along the way they face insurmountable odds and regardless of circumstance, they triumph. They save the world, they get the girl (or the guy), and they forge countless bonds of friendship and camaraderie. 
The same can be said about stories I write. I need substance to my literature than just the fluff. While I might write things that could easily fall into the realm of an urban fantasy, sometimes the paranormal romance aspect gets blended in. My stories are character-driven. Their tales contain as many elements of genre as the number of facets to their personalities. And sometimes these characters I create end up developing feelings for one another and I’ll just write it down as it happens. But I won’t make that budding romance become the focal point of my plot. I have a specific tale I want to tell and I can’t very well do that if I just focus only on the love angle. 
Instead, I make sure to structure my plots around a greater purpose or common themes and tropes, like the discovery of the strength of the human spirit, the good versus evil complex, and so forth. I give my characters something to strive for, and sometimes those journeys to achieving that greater purpose have them falling for someone along the way. 
I’m not aiming to write a specific genre, or to cater to a specific audience. I’m writing simply because there’s a story in my head that wants out. And more often than not, those stories involve demons, angels, aliens, and vampires. I let these characters speak to me and I imagine the world they live in. Sometimes I picture the contemporary world, other times a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But whatever the setting, the characters tell the story. Their worlds are created around them. Sometimes I end up with an urban fantasy with other genres bleeding in, other times, it’s something entirely different. But whatever it turns out to be, it’s never strictly one thing. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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