Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Desperately Wanting Wednesday: Cover Lust

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It's that time again!  This week is about books we are desperately wanting, based solely on the covers.  These are some book covers that have captivated my interest!

Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles, #1)

The Willows: Haven (The Willows, #1)

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  1. Hi, there! I've just become a follower of your blog! And I think your DWW choices are perfect. I especially like the cover of NEED. I wonder where I could find that shade of As for the other two covers, they're also great! All three of these books would tempt me to buy them, just because of their covers. Thanks for sharing them!! : )

    Maria @

  2. Hi! I have always loved the cover of Need! Honestly I would read the book without reading the summary just based on the cover lol! I've never seen The Willows Haven but I really love that cover too! It looks like it would be a creepy book!

    Here is my DWW Post

    Happy reading!

    Megan (new follower!) :)

  3. I am following you ladies back! Thanks so much for the comments, and great sites, both of you!