Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saving Mary: Review and Author Guest Post

Thanks for stopping in for my day of the Saving Mary blog tour, hosted by Virtual Book Tour Cafe!  I am reviewing the book today and will have a guest post from the author, Deidre Havrelock.


Welcome Deidre Havrelock!

Deidre believes theology is for everyone! It’s for working moms and soccer parents and for introverted engineers who don’t know what to say at dinner parties. It’s for energetic athletic-types who traverse mountains on cool bikes and for lethargic teenagers who write dark poetry. It’s for Trekkies and Twihards and Gleeks, nurses and teachers and those who Twitter and Ping. It’s for older people with Labs and round-faced happy people with too many cats. In other words, theology is not just for theologians. Did you get that? You do not have to be an intellectual to comprehend theology. You do not have to be a preacher. And yes, there is so much more to the Bible than what churches, on average, are currently teaching. Understanding the spiritual teachings of your Christian faith is fun … and more than that, it’s important.

From Goodreads:  If you’re a fan of supernatural fiction then you will be captivated by this true story about a spiritually sensitive girl and the path that led to her possession. Part one of a two-part series, Saving Mary is the story of a modern-day Mary Magdalene—the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons.

My Review:
I don't even know for sure where to start... 
The whole time I was reading this book, I thought, wow.. I used to do a lot of these things!  I played with the Ouija, until it got really bad, now I won't touch them!  I'm just glad I got out of it before things got really bad!  
I didn't realize until talking with Deidre that this was an actual memoir, a recounting of her own life..  I thought it was just a fictional story.  That made this book even more enthralling!  
We follow Deidre throughout her very bad childhood, learning of the abuse and neglect she endured when she was supposed to feel safest.  Then, we watch (and I say watch, because it almost feels that way) her in her most impressionable years, the teens, as she finds her way into the mystical realm of Transcendental Meditation and other like things.  All of this leads to an understanding that she must make a choice, between God and Satan, and as she's always believed herself to be married to Satan (unwillingly), she finds it very difficult to make that decision.
This book has a lot of excitement and mystery.  The writing and language of the story seems so real, as if you can almost see and hear each scene.  She actually uses words she used at the different age levels, making the reality even more clear.  I don't like to give spoilers, so I'll just say that there's a huge cliff-hanger at the end, making me attempt, to no avail, to continue to flip the pages of my e-reader, just hoping that I'll somehow magically manifest the next book.. I simply must read it to see how things turn out!
I give this book 4 stars..

Guest Post:
What is your favorite scene(s) in the book and why do you love it?
My favorite scene is at the beginning of the book when I’m in my room playing barbies and suddenly my dad screams out bloody murder, making my mom sprint down the stairs to save him. I like this part because my dad remembers the event so well. While lying on the couch, a tall and extremely thin man appeared to him; the spirit pointed one of its long bony fingers at my dad as if to say, “You’re coming with me.” My dad says he had never been so terrified in his life. The spirit he describes, by the way, sounds exactly like the spirit I call Fred (in the book)…who appeared to me in my dreams. Even though this isn’t a great memory for us, my dad and I feel connected through the event. The fact that we both saw the same spirit helps us to feel not so odd…or crazy. Actually, my dad saw two spirits in his life.
Once, when sleeping over at my mom’s aunt’s house, he saw a little boy, plain as day, walk into his bedroom. He said he talked to the boy saying, “Hi there, who are you?” The boy said nothing and left. Later, he asked my mom’s aunt who the kid was and she said, “There’s no kids here!”

My other favorite scene is when I go and toss all my teddy bears and dolls out in the trash bin. I think I like this scene so much because it really captures the intense fears I had as a kid. I mean, seriously…I snuck all my toy dolls and teddies out of the house and threw them into the trash bin so they wouldn’t stare at me or (heaven forbid) kill me! I remember hoping that they wouldn’t come sneaking back into my room at night. I was always terribly afraid that they could come to life.
Am I afraid now? No. Things are drastically different now.

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  1. Fantastic review and post!!!! Thank you so much for hosting Deidre today.

  2. This sounds like a fascinating read! I am not one for cliffhangers, but I will keep an eye out for if the book becomes available as a package of part 1 and 2 :)