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Robert C. Fleet Blog Tour & Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Salt City tour hosted by Innovative Online Tours.  Please enjoy this bio, synopsis, with the author, Robert C. Fleet followed by a review of his book, Salt City.  There is also a giveaway for this tour!


About the Author:
The “Salt City” is Syracuse, New York. I went to Syracuse University and haven’t been back there since. But I was sitting in Krakow, Poland, trying to marry the love of my life, Alina Szpak, when I met the U.S. consul there, who had also gone to SU. So, teaching my soon-to-be wife English, I began writing a “criminalky” using rumored Syracuse scandals that the consul and I remembered. She loved Raymond Chandler - in Polish - and though I’d never read Chandler yet, I tried to fit her descriptions of what she liked. Motivation for the student, as we educators like to say. (One of my degrees is in Education). And, because Cold War politics didn’t respect love as a reason to stay in a country, there was even a plan to translate my story-for-her into a serialized Polish crime novel so that I could have a visa while waiting for the official docs allowing me to marry Alina. A great plan – until I created a Russian-speaking black detective and people thought I was being politically sarcastic and…
Flash forward a bunch of years… Three published novels and six produced screenplays later. (Wish I was rich from that, but life is sarcastic.)

Synopsis:  Syracuse, upstate New York. The “Salt City.” An apartment building on the edge of The Projects – and Anne Malloy dies, thrown out of a sixth floor window, an apparent suicide, while Mark Cornell watches. Mark was there for a purpose, his part-time gig being to snap incriminating photos for a divorce lawyer who happily takes cases over the phone. Watching the apartment was Mark’s assignment.
But this assignment has a problem: Mark learns that “Anne Malloy” had died months before, leaving behind a grieving husband. So who is this woman?
It’s 1976, before cellphones, internet, and all the easy ways of satisfying curiosities, so Mark Cornell’s search for a name to give the victim makes him a foot soldier slogging personally through the facts. And, as those facts pile up, Mark discovers that he really shouldn’t be playing detective, stumbling across the thin line between commerce and crime.

This book was written in the late 1970's. It's about a man working for a divorce attorney, he is hired to "watch" spouses and prove infidelity for divorce proceedings.  On one such night, he sees his female "charge" thrown from the window of the apartment he's told she'd be in.  He finds out this woman isn't who she was supposed to be, the wife of the client has been dead for 4 years.  This begins a scary, dangerous new part of his life as he finds himself mixed up in the conspiracy.  Finding himself using his amateur detective skills, he follows leads for hundreds of miles to solve his "case".
I really enjoyed this book, the only reason it took me 3 days to read it is because of timing on my part and not being able to read for a full day, otherwise I could have read it in one sitting.  It kept my interests peaked constantly, wondering what was next;  and on the edge of my seat during some of the more tense moments.  The writing was good and flowed very well, as was the story-line.
I give this book 4 stars, and would read more from this author.

To win a copy of this book (either print or ebook), please follow my blog, then comment on this post and list:
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Good luck to all!!

Buy the book here.
Published by:  Red Frog Publishing

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