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Serenya's Song Interview and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Serenya's Song tour, hosted by Page Turner Book Tours!  I hope you enjoy my review of the book and fill out the form below for the giveaway!

Serenya's Song (Tallenmere, #2) Serenya's Song (Tallenmere #2) by Mysti Parker
From Goodreads:  In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, no one ever said love was easy...
Serenya Crowe may be a half-elf commoner, but she's no ordinary woman. With the ability to interpret       dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she’s endured small-town gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind. All she's ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family. When she meets the new stranger in town, her world and her heart, are turned upside down.
Wood-elf Jayden Ravenwing is an ex-secret agent who wants nothing more than to forget matters of the heart. He left the bustle of Leogard and his failed marriage to make a fresh start in Summerwind. He never planned to fall in love again, especially with the enchanting Serenya Crowe.
When a strange portal opens on the Crowe property at the edge of town, Jayden is thrown into an investigation, knowing that if he fails, Serenya and everyone in Summerwind may die.
Together, he and Serenya must overcome an ancient evil, and their own inner demons, to save Summerwind and find the love they've always dreamed of.

Enjoy the interview with Mysti Parker

1) Tell us a bit about Serenya’s song.
Serenya’s Song is a second chance love story. For both Serenya Barnaby-Crowe and Jayden Ravenwing, fate has dealt them a lousy hand when it comes to love. They meet in the small town of Summerwind, to discover they are perfect for each other, but fate once again plays a cruel turn—Serenya’s still married and Jayden is mourning the failure of his own marriage back in Leogard. Even crueler still is the emerging identity of who Serenya really is—her very existence may result in the end of the world, and Jayden will have to make the most difficult choices of his life.
Anyone who reads this story will be rooting for these two from page one, because it’s SO obvious they are meant to be together. But, their journey is fraught with one challenge after another, and soon, you’ll be biting your nails as you discover the terrible secrets that are keeping them apart.
By the climax, you’ll just know it won’t end well, but hang on to your seats, because it ain’t over yet!

2) Will we see a recurrence of any character’s from A Ranger’s Tale?
Oh yes, namely Jayden Ravenwing, the wood-elf former lead scout of the Leogardian Intelligence Organization. You’ll also get a hefty dose of Lillyanne Sawyer, his spunky halfling partner, plus a brief appearance from Galadin and Caliphany, stars of A Ranger’s Tale.

3) What inspired the Tallenmere series?
Lord of the Rings, online roleplaying games, and my love for the fantasy genre. Particularly, since I loved LOTR’s elves so much, I wanted to write at least a few books where elves were in the spotlight, not just whimsical supporting characters. You can read a recent article that I wrote entitled “Elves Are People Too—A Love Story” here:

4) Are there any certain characters that are your favorite, or that you can personally identify with?
That would have to be Lillyanne, or Lilly, as she’s fondly known. She’s such a little spitfire. Besides keeping Jayden (and everyone else) in line, she adds a good bit of comedic relief. You can catch a glimpse of her in this fun little character sketch here:
I did identify with Serenya though, in having a stepfather who loved me like his own daughter. Since my own stepfather and I are currently estranged, it was pretty emotional at times to write about her and Douglas’s relationship, but I’m so glad I pushed through and did it anyway. Their story kicks the book off and sets the tone for the entire plot.

5) What is a typical day of writing like for you?

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat and written on my WIP, but typically, once school starts, I get all the kids distributed to where they need to be, come home, and write, taking breaks for lunch and coffee until I have to pick them up or get them off the bus. Now that it’s summer, I’ve taken a break from the WIP to spend time with the kiddos. In fact, we’re tagging along on my hubby’s business trip to Clearwater Beach, FL, which is where I’ll be at the posting of this interview!

6) Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Read a lot, write a lot, find good critique partners, and never give up!

7) What’s next for you?

Next up is Book Three of this series, entitled Hearts in Exile. Here’s a blurb to whet your appetite:

In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, fate has a way of catching up with you...
Somewhere, hidden in the waters of the Southern Sea is an island unlike any other.  Within the amber glow of its pyrogem-laden cliffs, legend says the very heart of the dragon god Drae keeps the island, and its occupants, alive.
Loralee Munroviel, daughter of Leogard's High Priestess Arianne, had no idea what she would face when she arrived by boat ten years ago and was left alone in exile. All she knew about Draekoria's inhabitants was written in one tattered notebook. Now, her life revolves around keeping Drae's descendants happy. Never once did she imagine being a dragon keeper.
Captain Igrorio Everlyn, known as Sir Robert to his unit of Holy Paladins, has faced his share of hell, battling the evils of Emperor Sarvonn's tyranny and the dark god, Tyr's abominations. But nothing compares to the ten years of hell he's been without Loralee, presumed dead, struck down by a minor version of the Great Plague that took his mother and countless others years ago.
One freak storm changes everything. Now the two of them must fight to reestablish the delicate balance of the island before the dragons take things into their own hands.  Through it all, they discover the secrets that kept them, and their hearts, exiled for a decade.

8) Tell us where we can find you.

Well, right here, of course. Tee hee. Actually, you can find my online presence in numerous places. Namely:

Twitter: @MystiParker
Facebook Page
Goodreads Page
A Ranger’s Tale: Melange Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords
Serenya’s Song: MelangeBooks, Amazon

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Stephanie!!

  2. Enjoyed the interview, Mysti. The more of these I read, the more I feel as though I've personally met you - shared chats over coffee - met your family....

  3. Great interview, Mysti. I liked your advice to writers to never give up. It's hard, at times, to hang in there. I'm glad you did or the world would have missed a talented writer.

    I'm looking forward to Hearts in Exile.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Yay! Still here! Now, Mrs Parker, get your vacationed derriere back home and give me more yummy sequel!

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  5. Chant with me, Stef! Book three, book three, book three! :D