Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Jumble Tales

Jumble TalesJumble Tales by Steve Morris
Psychological sharpshooters, fickle football fans and prodigious people who choose to use and misuse their incredible talents invite you into this collection of their jumbled-up worlds. During dark days at work when people reflect both on what could have been and on what could still be, things are never quite what they seem, and never turn out as expected. Crafted to be short and snappy enough for coffee breaks, but long in the memory, Steve Morris maintains the momentum from his first book In All Probability with more of his diverse short stories of the unexpected. You ll never take anything for granted again except perhaps for uncertainty itself. Anything can turn up in a Jumble Tale. Press Reviews ...his tales are spot-on....modern and accurate - - (Shropshire Star, Jan 2011). Readers....will find themselves turning back to them again and again - - (Country & Border Life magazine, Book of the month, Jan 2011). few authors can carry-off short stories without them lacking depth, adequate characterisation or sufficient interest. Not a problem for Morris. - - (The Truth About Books).Includes a story selected for the F.L.O.W for All charity anthology Stories of the Poppies .

My Review:
I was actually rather excited to read this book, it seemed very interesting from the blurb.  I'm sorry to say, I was very disappointed!  It just wasn't my cup of tea, apparently.  A couple of the stories I would think, "oohh, this one is going to be good".. but always disappointed with the endings.  There were just too few "happy" endings, if any, and the stories all seemed to end very abruptly, almost like someone had deleted the endings and replaced them with a simple sentence or two.  
I really don't like giving negative reviews, because I know I'm not the "last word" in the written word.. I understand that tastes are all very different, so if you think you may be interested, please don't let my review stop you from giving it a try.  It just wasn't for me.
I gave this book 2 stars, because I have read worse, and I'm sure some people will love it.

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