Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 Questions

So, I got these 11 Questions from my friend, Laurel. I thought it sounded like a fun little game and wanted to join in. Here's my answers! If you answer them on your blog, post a comment here so I can check out your blog, too!

1. Two shows you watch every week:  I'm a huge fan of Parenthood on NBC, but I think it's over for the season.  And I love Being Human & Lost Girl on scifi.  I really don't watch much TV, but Monday and Tuesday nights, I HAVE to watch these!  And, of course football (NFL) during the season!

2. Top three places on your must-visit list:  Wow, this is hard, there's so many!  I want to go to coastal Washington State, Scotland (where my ancestors are from), and maybe Greece.

3. Current favorite decorating color combo:  I have always wanted my kitchen to be yellow with a country blue!  I just think it's pretty..

4. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm?  Uh.. yes!  LOL  I actually set my alarm early so that I can hit the snooze!  If not, I'm a grumpy girl!

5. Oldest, middle, or youngest:  Oldest

6. Do you collect anything?  The only thing I collect anymore are books, and I've had to go to ebooks because I've run out of room for print ones!

7. What is your middle name?   Shawn.  I hated it when I was young, because of a boy that I couldn't stand had the same name and he bothered me about it!  I like it now, it's different!

8. What did you want to be when you grew up?  A teacher, when I was really young, and I like psychology when I was older and computers! LOL  The main thing I've always wanted to be was a mommy and I've accomplished that one, and I believe it's my most important job!

9a. Are you city or country?   I live in a small Western Ky county.. I guess I'm both.  I couldn't handle living very far away from "everything" but I like the illusion of the country.  The privacy, but very close to amenities of all kinds!

9b. Tomboy or girly girl?   Very much a girly girl!  Although you wouldn't sometimes guess it because of my pony tails and lack of makeup, but I love skirts, makeup and clothes & shoes in general!  I'm not afraid of getting dirty, but am clueless when it comes to cars, etc.

9c. Talker or listener?   I am a huge talker!  Can drive you crazy even!  But I am a good listener as well, I enjoy helping others.

10. Fancy label for your decorating style?   Wow!  This is hard!  I'd say my ideal style is Comfy Chic, but I don't pull it off as often as I'd like!

11a. What would your friends and family say is your best quality?  I Probably that I care about everyone, and am a go to person when they need to vent or just talk.

11b. Your worst?  I am very talkative.. and emotional.

Well, that's it!  This has been fun, can't wait to see other's answers!

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  1. Thanks for tagging me! I forgot about books being something to collect. I definitely collect those and have also moved to e-books (mainly because I love reading on my iphone while riding the subway in NYC). It's so compact!