Friday, March 30, 2012

Steven Novak Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway!!

Join us for a virtual book tour hosted by VBT Cafe for author Steven Novak!  
Steven is the author of the book, Goats Eat Cans.. 
Remember the weird kid with the greasy hair and the odd smell you went to school with? You know, the one who never talked to anyone? That creepy little jerk who sat alone at lunch? The oddball who never took a shower in gym class? The one you imagined might one day go on a shooting spree?
Believe it or not, that kid grew up.
He grew up, he got married, he never shot a single person, he wrote a book, and he even started taking showers after his workouts – most of the time.
Goats Eat Cans is his story.
Follow along as Steven Novak recounts the sometimes hilarious, sometimes hilariously painful, and sometimes painfully hilarious moments that have made his life so wonderfully frustrating. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even vomit. No matter what, you won't be able to stop reading.
Goats Eat Cans features 55 stories, 55 illustrations, 99 luftballons and enough nonsense to keep you chuckling and giggling for days on end – or hours – or at the very least a few minutes.

Schedule for the Tour is as follows:
March 12 - Meet & Greet at VBT Cafe' Blog
March 13 - Interviewed at From The Mind Of Omegia
March 15 - Interviewed at BK Walker Books Etc
March 16 - Guest Blogging at Mass Musings Topic - Writing Humor Vs Fiction
March 20 - Interviewed at Writing Innovations E-Zine
March 22 - Review & Interview at Black Diamond's Books Reviews
March 26 - Reviewed at Hire To Inspire
March 28 - Reviewed at EReading On The Cheap
March 30 - Interviewed at Writing Innovations
April 3 - Interviewed at Reviews & Interviews
April 5 - Guest Blogging with Cindy Vine
April 7 - Reviewed at Rhodes Review
April 9 - Reviewed at Books, Books, & More Books
April 11 - Review & Guest Post at lWaiting on Sunday to Drown
April 12 - Interviewed by Louise James
April 17 - Interviewed at BK Media Entertainment
April 19 - Interviewed at My World by Stephanie Green (here & me)
April 23 - Author Spotlight at AZ Publishing Services
April 23 - Interviewed on KWOD Radio

Grand Prize Reader/Follower Giveaway is:  1 Signed Paperback and 1 Signed Chapter Art Illustration (2 Winners)

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